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Overview of important State Fair policies

HURON -- With the South Dakota State Fair administration would like to remind people about a few important State Fair policies:

Animal Industry Board hours

For livestock exhibitors coming to the State Fair needing their animals checked, fair entrance gates will be closed to animal entries between the hours of 12 to 6 a.m. Animal Industry Board staff will not be present, so please plan accordingly.

Dog and cat policy

Per state statute 12:02:06:03, dogs and cats are restricted to the campgrounds only and are required to be current with their vaccinations. Each animal area must be maintained and kept clean. Dogs and cats are not allowed in the vending, exhibit or carnival areas. Service dogs and dogs and cats that are part of an exhibit are an exception to the rule.

Golf cart policy

Earlier this spring, the State Fair implemented new restrictions on golf carts for the safety of fair-goers. See Page 24 for the complete policy.