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Bosworth announces Senate run in Plankinton

Annette Bosworth, left, a Plankinton native, with husband Chad Haber and sons Walker, Prescott and Chancellor Haber at her side, announces her candidacy Tuesday for the U.S. Senate. (Jordan Steffen/Daily Republic)2 / 2

Annette Bosworth, a Plankinton native, on Tuesday official announced her U.S. Senate bid, which had already been in the news for several days, at her parents' farm in Plankinton.

"South Dakotans do not want another go-along to get-along candidate," Bosworth said. "They do not want a career politician. They are looking for someone who understands that our nation is a nation at risk, and is willing to lead the fight to fix what is obviously broken."

Bosworth is running for the Republican nomination to seek the seat that will be vacated by the retiring Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D. Other Republicans in the race are former governor Mike Rounds and state legislator Larry Rhoden, who will face off with Bosworth in a June primary election.

The only announced candidate among Democrats is former Tom Daschle aide Rick Weiland.