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SD children's choir schedule changed in Boston

PIERRE (AP) -- The Capital City Children's Choir of Pierre hoped to get back on its planned tour schedule in Boston on Saturday, a day after the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody.

The choir earlier this week traveled to Boston, where the marathon was bombed Monday in an attack that killed three people and injured more than 160 others. One suspect was killed Friday in a shootout with police and the second was captured later.

Chorus Director Barb Newman told KCCR radio that the choir's schedule was changed Friday because of the search for the second suspect, but the choir was always safe.

At a performance at the Old North Church on Thursday, the children sang a religious patriotic tune that moved some of the audience to tears, Newman said.

Julie Myers, a chaperone on the trip, told KSFY-TV the church was packed when the children sang.

"Bostonians were coming up to us later and telling us that our choices of music were incredible and that it was exactly what Boston needed to hear. One of our pieces was 'Please Grant My Wish For Peace,' and people gave us a standing ovation,' Myers said.

The choir was scheduled to tour historic sites Saturday. The 64-member group plans to sing at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Sunday and at Fenway park for a Boston Red Sox game on Monday.