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C-SPAN to film live at McGovern Library Friday

MITCHELL - Sometimes it's not about who won, but what those who lost did with their notoriety that molds history.

C-SPAN began a series this fall called "The Contenders: They Lost the Election But Changed Political History," which features 14 would-be presidents. A piece featuring George McGovern will air live at 7 p.m. on C-SPAN, Friday, Dec. 2, from the McGovern Library at Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell.

McGovern is probably best known as the 1972 Democratic nominee for president - but the Avon native and DWU alumnus and former professor took his political experience and popularity to grander levels after losing the presidential election to Republican Richard Nixon.

McGovern may have lost an election, but he did not walk away from his beliefs or social responsibilities.

He went back to the Senate in 1974 - leading the way on expanding key nutrition programs. He went on to be named a United Nations delegate to General Assembly in 1976 by President Gerald Ford; a United Nations delegate for Special Session on Disarmaments in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter; served as the president of the Middle East Policy Council from 1991-98 until President Bill Clinton appointed him ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. In 2001 he was made the first United Nations global ambassador on hunger - a scourge he has devoted his life to eradicating.

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