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Poll numbers out for Daugaard, Noem and Obama performances

South Dakotans like how Gov. Dennis Daugaard and Rep. Kristi Noem, both Republicans, are doing their jobs. But not so much so when it comes to Democratic President Barack Obama.

These were the findings of the Nielson Brothers Polling/Northern Plains News statewide survey conducted July 23-28.

Daugaard's overall job approval remains high among South Dakotans at 64.1 percent. More than 30 percent of respondents (30.4 percent) said they "strongly approve," and 34.1 percent "somewhat approve." Meanwhile, 19.3 percent said they "somewhat disapprove" and 16.2 percent "strongly disapprove" of the first term governor's job performance.

Rep. Noem's approval ratings were slightly less positive (58.0 percent) than Daugaard's, with somewhat higher negatives. Respondents gave the third-term representative a 24.5 percent "strongly approve" rating while 33.5 said they "somewhat approve." On the other hand, 14.5 percent responded that they "somewhat disapprove," and 27.5 percent "strongly disapprove."

President Obama's overall job approval (36.7 percent) remains low among South Dakota voters. While 18.9 percent answer that they "strongly approve," 17.8 percent "somewhat approve." On the negative side, 13.6 percent said they "somewhat disapprove," and nearly half — 49.7 percent — "strongly disapprove" of the President's job performance.

"Partisan responses highlight differences in job approval," said NBP partner Paul Nielson. "Republicans in this survey gave high marks to both incumbents from their own party."