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Myers selects Hubbel as running mate

SIOUX FALLS — Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers, of Centerville, named former Republican candidate for governor Lora Hubbel, of Sioux Falls, as his new running mate Tuesday.

Myers, a former law professor at the University of South Dakota, announced in Tuesday that Hubbel was replacing Caitlin Collier, of Vermillion. Collier had previously withdrawn from the race to care for a sick relative.

However, at the start of the news conference, Myers said he wasn’t going to name a new running mate as first announced because of correspondence Monday from Secretary of State Jason Gant saying that there is no provision in state law to allow Collier to withdraw as the lieutenant governor nominee.

Myers said this was different from what Gant had told him several weeks ago.

Instead, Myers announced he would hold a “people’s convention” to select a new lieutenant governor if he won the 2014 governor’s race.

Then, in the midst of the news conference, when asked about other people he considered to replace Collier, he noted that he had considered Hubbel, who had just lost the June Republican primary against Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

In what appeared to be an ad hoc decision during the news conference, Myers called Hubbel to the podium, where he had her put on a campaign T-shirt and sign paperwork for the Secretary of State’s Office that she was Myers’ running mate.