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Sometimes, money doesn't win

Sometimes the most money doesn't win. That was the case of South Dakota's 2002 primary election for the Republican nomination for governor.

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Steve Kirby began 2002 with $37,685.31. He raised $223,005 in cash contributions and put $1,958,229.63 of his money into the campaign. He spent $2,189,843.48 between Jan. 1 and May 25.

Mark Barnett went into 2002 with $991,924.29 cash on hand in his campaign. He reported raising $528,112 in direct contributions and loaned his campaign $2,000. He spent $1,421,865.96 between Jan. 1 and May 25.

Mike Rounds began 2002 with $20,326.64 cash in his campaign. He raised $108,906.99 in direct contributions, including $25,000 from a political action committee operated by Stan Adelstein.

Rounds gave $10,000 of his money to the campaign and the campaign borrowed $55,000. On the spending side, he reported expenditures of $144,177.86 and the campaign owed $22,000 in unpaid obligations for TV advertising, direct mail and T-shirts.

Rounds won the nomination. He received 49,331 votes cast by Republicans for 44.34 percent. In second came Barnett with 32,868 for 29.54 percent. Kirby was third with 29,065 for 26.12 percent.