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GOP chairman in Brown County wins Democrats' raffle

ABERDEEN (AP) — An annual fundraising raffle held by Democrats in South Dakota's Brown County had a surprise winner — the chairman of the county's Republican Party.

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Jason Williams bought the winning ticket while visiting friends manning the Democrats' booth at the county fair this month, and later was informed he had won a shotgun.

"That was kind of funny. I thought they were pulling my leg," Williams told the American News ( ). "None of my friends believed me when I told them."

Deb Knecht, spokeswoman for the Democrats, said Williams graciously told party officials they could pick a different winning ticket.

"We told him he won fair and square," she said. "We had our money, and we were happy to let him keep the gun. (It's) just kind of funny."

Williams joked that he might use the gun for pheasant hunting, or "maybe I should put it on display at the Republican booth next year, and we can raffle it off as a Republican fundraiser."