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Website: ND has nation's highest marijuana prices

North Dakota has seen rising wages and low unemployment since the Bakken oil boom began.

It's also seeing what may be another byproduct of the boom: rising marijuana prices.

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According to, an anonymous marijuana price self-reporting site, oil-rich North Dakota has the highest priced pot in the nation at $406.34 an ounce for "high quality" weed, $352.92 for "medium quality" weed and $363.11 for "low quality" marijuana.

Meanwhile, just across the border in South Dakota, the drug prices are lower, at $389.69 for high quality weed and $367.51 for "medium quality" pot. The "bargain" in the Mount Rushmore State is for "low quality" pot at $124.17 an ounce.

Users of the website rate both Dakotas as aggressive in enforcing marijuana laws, with moderate social acceptance in each state.

The sale, possession and use of marijuana is illegal in the Dakotas.