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Conservation stewardship sign-up deadline nears

The Conservation Stewardship Program is open for new enrollments for 2014. (Photo by Carl Wycoff)

By Public News Service

BOONE, Iowa — The annual enrollment for the Conservation Stewardship Program is under way. And it’s an effort that’s finding success in Iowa. Under CSP, incentives are provided to farmers to strengthen water quality, protect wildlife habitat and enhance soil quality. Farmers and ranchers interested in CSP can apply at their local Natural Resources Conservation Service with a sign-up deadline of Jan. 17.

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To take part in the Conservation Stewardship Program, there are lots of options that farmers can consider, from nutrient management to the use of cover crops. In Iowa, there is now an estimated 300,000 acres of cover crops.

Nationally, enrollment in CSP over the past five years has reached nearly 60 million acres.