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Armour couple's donation paves way for future expansion to hospital

ARMOUR — A donation from an Armour couple will pave the way for potential expansion to the Douglas County Memorial Hospital.

Rex and Ruth Winter owned the house adjacent to Prairie Villa, an assisted living facility, as well as a larger rental house next door and recently decided to gift their property to the hospital, according to Administrator Heath Brouwer.

The Douglas County Memorial Hospital is "landlocked" between properties, Brouwer said, and although there are no current plans for an expansion or project, the donation makes both possible in the future.

Without the donation, Brouwer said the hospital would have been stuck in a difficult position, likely unable to expand its facility should the need arise in the future.

"Without it, there was no future project," Brouwer said. "The donation makes it possible, because we don't have any other direction we can go."