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City asks Mitchell residents to reduce water usage amid water main leak

(Daily Republic photo illustration)

City officials are asking Mitchell residents to conserve water due to a leak in the main line that supplies water to the town.

Mitchell’s water supplier, B-Y Rural Water System, has a leak in a main line valve that moves water from the Missouri River, and repair will interrupt Mitchell’s water supply for up to two days, according to a press release from the city of Mitchell.

Mitchell Public Works Director Tim McGannon said the valve leak is located near Tripp, and its cause is unclear at this point. Tripp city officials said Tripp does not receive its water from B-Y, so the town is unaffected by the leak.

If Mitchell citizens work to conserve water during that time period by turning off automatic lawn sprinklers, refraining from washing cars and avoiding other unnecessary use of water, city officials say water will not have to be used from Lake Mitchell, the city’s back-up water source.

Along with the city’s water towers, McGannon said the city of Mitchell has a 2 million gallon water reservoir near Tripp that can be used as a back-up water source, as well.

McGannon said he hopes the issue can be repaired in less than two days, but people should take the city’s request to save water seriously.

“I hope it doesn’t take two days, it shouldn’t, but it might,” McGannon said. “If this goes two days and people are still watering their yards, we’ll run out of water. Then we’ll have to get water from Lake Mitchell and you’ll certainly taste the difference.”

McGannon said there is a “very small” chance the city will have to use reserve water from the lake, but if it was required, the water would be tested to ensure its safety for consumption.

Cadwell Park, city golf courses, the cemetery and local soccer fields use Lake Mitchell water and are not affected by the leak.

Multiple calls seeking comment from B-Y Rural Water System were not returned Thursday.