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Mitchell Tech adds new welding certificate option

Mitchell Technical Institute can now offer another certificate option for its students.

On Monday morning, the South Dakota Board of Education approved a new welding certificate option at Mitchell Tech, which will be an alternate second-year option in the existing welding program.

While the current program emphasizes machining and manufacturing in its second year, the new certificate will offer a focused emphasis on specialized welding processes like gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, shielded metal arc and flux core arc.

If interested, students could complete both second year options in the program for "maximum marketability in the welding industry," according to a press release issued by the board of education.

"This is a manufacturer's livelihood as far as I am concerned," said Travis Peterson, welding and manufacturing technology department head at MTI. " ... The equipment and knowledge that this program has gained over the last four years is just the continued beginning to a centrally located United States manufacturing training facility."

The South Dakota Board of Education also approved the 2017-18 state tuition and fees for the state's four technical institutes. The overall cost per credit will be $155, and students will pay $114 per credit in state tuition. State fees consist of maintenance and repair at $5 per credit, $1 per credit in technology fees and $35 per credit in facility fees, according to the release.