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Multiple agencies report Presho fire chief killed battling fire

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A look at news from around the region, as reported by weekly newspapers:


OPT-OUT ELECTION COMING FOR FIRE DISTRICT: A public meeting held Aug. 25 regarding a $50,000-per-year opt-out for the Town and Country Fire District in Sanborn County provided differing opinions on the matter.

The issue has been referred to a public vote to be held Sept. 9 to vote for or against the increase. The opt-out would take effect for the 2015 calendar year and would last for 10 years. The district's current opt-out expires in two years and is $10,000 per year.

If passed, the tax levy would equal an extra 26.2 cents per $1,000 of valuation in the T&C Fire District.

The levy is primarily directed toward purchasing a new fire truck to replace the current truck from 1983, which is having mechanical issues. The cost of the truck is about $270,000 and won't go into service for at least 18 months due to the build time.

Mary Fredrichs, who helped circulate a petition to force a vote on the opt-out, said she's not against the fire protection but said she believes that everyone has a right to know where their tax money is going and that a $50,000 opt-out "shouldn't just go through."

Fire district treasurer Kent Swenson said board may only need $35,000 for each year of the opt-out but the district did not want to fall short in funding. He said the safety of the fire fighters and the correct equipment can't be understated.

The election will be held at the Woonsocket Community Center.

-- Sanborn Weekly Journal

Hanson, McCook counties

JOINT LIBRARY TO CONTINUE THROUGH SCHOOL YEAR: The Hanson-McCook Regional Library will continue operating until June 1, 2015, and not cease at the end of the year.

That news came out of the McCook County Commission Meeting held Aug. 12 in Salem, after the commissioners authorized the library board to continue operating as normal until June 2015.

The change is because the library board still has $63,000 in the bank as of the end of July, according to board member Denise Erickson, which will allow the library to continue operating through the school year.

The dividing of the assets of the library will be delayed until March 2015, when the library board is to have a plan created to divide up the library's books and supplies evenly.

The Hanson County commissioners met Aug. 19 but delayed their decision to continue operating as normal because of an absent commissioner. They'll take up the issue Sept. 2.

In June, nearly 65 percent of the voters in Hanson County supported the library at the polls, indicating to the commissioners that they should continue to fund the library, with or without a bookmobile. McCook County's commissioners decided earlier this year that they won't fund the library in 2015.

--The Salem Special, The Alexandria Herald


MISSING DOG SHOT, KILLED: Lyman County Sheriff Steve Manger found a missing dog dead last week in Presho, believed to be killed by a small caliber rifle or pellet gun.

The dog was found at the intersection of Third Street and Fir Avenue around 10:30 a.m. Aug. 22. The dog, a 5-year-old named Otis, was owned by Jenny Robbins, of Illinois, who was visiting relatives. The dog wandered away and Robbins told authorities she was looking for Otis when she was notified of what happened.

The officers confiscated a high-powered pellet gun as evidence and Manger and Deputy Don Jennings identified a responsible party along Fir Avenue after following the dog's tracks and a blood trail.

The Lyman County States Attorney office will determine whether or not any charges will be filed. The killing or injuring of an animal is a Class 1 misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of a $2,000 fine and/or one year in county jail.

--Lyman County Herald