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A look at news from around the region, as reported by weekly newspapers:


SCHOOL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT RECEIVES $25K GRANT: The Avon School District will be the beneficiary of a $25,000 grant from Monsanto to help its science program.

Local farmers who have more than 150 acres are eligible to nominate schools for the grant as part of Monsanto's America's Farmers Grow Rural Education program.

Science teacher Paul Kuhlman said the money will go to renovating the science lab at the school, with much of the work being done over the Christmas break. Other funds will be allocated to new laptops and other science items.

Avon is the only school in a six-state area to receive $25,000. Other area schools to receive grant funding were Hanson and Freeman, each receiving $10,000.

-- Avon Clarion

Wessington Springs

MAIN STREET RESTORATION PROJECT CONSIDERED: The city of Wessington Springs is working on plans to revamp its Main Street, as potholes and decaying concrete have taken their toll on the street.

The City Council has committed to the project and is pursuing money from the state of South Dakota and the Department of Transportation's Community Access Program. During the commissioners' Aug. 4 meeting, they authorized Mayor Melissa Mebius to pursue that application of funds for a three-block stretch of Main between Dakota Avenue and east to Blowers Avenue.

The city will have to pay for all of the engineering costs related to the project and at least 40 percent of the cost of construction. It's possible that expenses related to the project could be passed on to Main Street business owners, although that has not been fully discussed.

"In past discussions, the council has considered lighting, street and concrete work," Mebius said. "It would be almost impossible to restore the street without doing all of those things at one time."

--The Wessington Springs True Dakotan


CONSTRUCTION PROJECT CAUSES DELAY FOR START OF SCHOOL: The Colome Consolidated School District will wait an extra week to start school in order to let construction work finish before students return.

Students in both Colome and Wood will start school Aug. 25, one week after the previously scheduled start date.

Workers have been remodeling offices and the study hall and classrooms on the top floor of the high school. In addition, work to modernize classrooms and improve energy efficiency, with new insulation, windows and radiant heat has been added. The project comes after the second floor of the school was remodeled last year.

--The Winner Advocate