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High winds, hail cause havoc in region

Crews from Northwestern Energy fix a damaged power line on the east side of Delmont Saturday. The storm snapped the pole about halfway up and a replacement pole was on site Saturday. (Marcus Traxler/Republic)1 / 5
Volunteer crews pick up tree branches in Stickney after high winds broke off branches Saturday morning. (Marcus Traxler/Republic)2 / 5
The cover for the grandstand at the ball field in Corsica was blown into the outfield during Saturday's storm that blew through the area. The high winds also folded down the chain-link backstop behind home plate. (Marcus Traxler/Republic)3 / 5
The Depot building in Stickney suffered roof damage Saturday morning as a result of the wind storm that cut through the area, with speeds up to 70 mph. (Marcus Traxler/Republic)4 / 5
Plywood over the windows and holes in the siding marked the damage at the Corsica Inn after a wind storm blew through the city Saturday morning. (Marcus Traxler/Republic)5 / 5

A mix of strong winds and heavy hail damaged buildings in Aurora and Douglas counties Saturday morning, with Stickney, Corsica and Delmont among the towns hit hardest.

There were no known injuries as of Saturday afternoon, according to local law enforcement.

In Stickney, numerous Main Street businesses had broken windows and downed tree branches littering the streets. Some trees were uprooted near the town pool, which was closed for the day.

Corsica suffered damage to its town ball field and city park, while the Corsica Inn and Hoffman Gas and Grill had punctured siding from hailstones. A hailstone of 2.75 inches was recorded by a spotter east of the town, according to the National Weather Service.

To the southeast in Delmont, downed trees and power lines were primarily the issue in residential areas, while a rural machine shed was blown down about seven miles northwest of the town. Crews from Northwestern Energy were in the area Saturday, replacing and fixing downed lines and broken poles.

The State B Legion baseball tournament in Tabor had to be delayed Saturday morning as hail entered the area around 10:45 a.m., putting a halt to play on the second day of the tournament. Play resumed before 4 p.m. at Leonard Cimpl Field.

The highest wind speed recorded from the storm was at White Lake, where an automated weather station recorded speeds of 67 mph and fire department personnel in Stickney said they believed winds were as high as 70 mph when the storm came through town before 10 a.m. Saturday.

Mitchell saw high winds and recorded 0.64 inches of rain during the morning hours as the storm swept through the area.