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JRWDD gives $2K for Hutchinson County project

OLIVET -- The James River Water Development District has approved a funding request of $2,087.50 to help ease issues caused by flooding in Hutchinson County's Capital Township.

The JRWDD met Thursday morning in Yankton to discuss riverbank stabilization of the James River about two miles south of Olivet in Hutchinson County, among other items.

A five-mile stretch of road has been a dangerous area south of Olivet on SW River Road due to flooding, according to JRWDD District Manager Dave Bartel.

The riverbank will be stabilized by Mehlhaff Construction, of Kaylor, preventing more sedimentation from entering the river and preventing road damage. The construction company will haul rip-rap to repair the riverbank. Loose stones will be used to form a foundation for breakwater and stop erosion. Some dead trees need to be removed from the area as well, Bartel said.

Completion of the project is expected in August, and its total cost will be about $4,200. About half will be paid for by the JRWDD and half paid for by Capital Township, Bartel said.

Officials have blocked off the road and has been a consistent problem the last two years, said Bartel, who added people have bypassed the barricade unlawfully.

"Capital Township took steps to block off the road," Bartel said. "The blockade was actually run over and tossed in the ditch. I am surprised somebody didn't have a serious accident. Thank goodness they didn't."

Bartel said that the road will serve as a safer route used by many people such as farmers, hunters and mail carriers once the riverbank is repaired.