Weather Forecast


Severe storms expected today

Nickel-sized hail and winds near 65 mph could be in store today throughout southeastern South Dakota.

A Friday night warm front will likely be pushed out by cooler air Saturday, setting up an afternoon and evening of storms, said Brad Adams, a meteorologist in Sioux Falls with the National Weather Service.

Adams said Davison County could receive a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain on Saturday. Nickel- or dime-sized hail is in the forecast as well.

"It could be active after 3 or 4 p.m.," Adams said. "People are going to be outside and they should keep an eye on the weather throughout the day."

The Mitchell area has been forecasted with a 60 percent chance of precipitation during the afternoon and evening.

Along the Missouri River, rain totals have been above normal for the month. After 2.75 inches of rain on Monday in Pickstown, the area has received 4.24 inches for the month. The same is the case in Tyndall, where 3.28 inches of rain has been recorded for the month, according to the National Weather Service.

"We have had some good rainfall amounts so far and I don't think anyone is complaining about that," Adams said.

As of Friday, Mitchell has received 1.21 inches of precipitation for the month, about two-thirds of an inch off the normal pace for June.

The highest risk of storms Saturday is slated for the area south of the South Dakota-Nebraska border, with golf ball-sized hail and isolated tornadoes possible in northern Nebraska. The rest of the region is tabbed with a "slight" severe storm risk, according to the National Weather Service.