Weather Forecast


Storms bring heavy rain to Mitchell region

A series of scattered but sometimes severe thunderstorms moved through the region over the weekend, bringing heavy rains that led to a flash flood watch in much of eastern South Dakota.

The National Weather Service says nearly an inch of rain fell on Saturday in Mitchell, which put the city at a total of 2.63 inches for May, still behind the normal of 2.93 inches.

At least another half an inch had fallen in Mitchell by late Sunday morning, according to Jim Murray, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls. As a result of the heavy rains that pummeled much of the region over the weekend, the weather service issued a flash flood watch for almost all of eastern South Dakota, which was to remain in effect until 1 a.m. today.

"These storms have been moving really, pretty slowly," Murray said. "It allows a lot of rain to fall in a very short amount of time."

More rain was expected to fall later Sunday, with the weather service forecasting up to a quarter of an inch in Mitchell, though an even greater amount could fall if another thunderstorm happens to pass through the region.

Murray said the scattered nature of the recent storms has made it difficult to predict how much rain will fall in any particular location.

"It's all kind of hit or miss," he said. "It's an all or nothing kind of deal."

The weather is expected to clear today, with the high temperature forecast at 78 degrees with winds gusting as high as 30 mph.

The weather service is already forecasting more rain for the region later in the week, with an 80 percent chance of precipitation Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Some of those storms could also bring heavy rain, Murray said.