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Man finds $300 in envelope, turns it over to authorities

Mike Tobin

Mike Tobin spends a lot of time on Mitchell's Main Street.

Earlier this week, Tobin, 58, was near the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street and spotted something peculiar.

It was an envelope holding about $300 cash. Tobin -- who is supported by Mitchell's LifeQuest -- immediately turned in the money to the nearby gift shop.

"He's always about doing the right thing," said Bobby Huber, the community support coordinator at LifeQuest. "He's a good guy. He knows just about everyone at the pet store and Chamber of Commerce."

An employee at the gift shop then called the police and turned the money over, along with Tobin's contact information. Tobin said he felt "proud and honest" when he turned in the money.

"It brought back the days I was a Boy Scout," he said Wednesday. "A scout is honest and responsible.

"I kind of feel bad for the people who lost that money."

Huber has worked with Tobin for nearly six years after Tobin moved to South Dakota from Lincoln, Neb.

Tobin lives independently, but receives support from LifeQuest, a private, nonprofit agency dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities. Tobin is a survivor of testicular cancer and a diabetic who participates in the Walk for Diabetes.

"He always keeps a smile on your face," Huber said. "He gives you nicknames."

According to Detective Lt. Don Everson, of the Mitchell Police Division, if Tobin wants a chance to keep the money, he needs to advertise in a newspaper for 90 days that he found money. He also needs to have proof of the paid advertisement. If the owner does not claim the money after 90 days, it goes to Tobin.

If Tobin does not advertise the money, then it goes to the Mitchell city finance office.

The money could be reunited with the original owner if the accurate information is given regarding the amount, along with other details.

Tobin is also known as "Jalapeno Mike," getting his nickname for his hankering for spicy foods. He loves watching sports, especially his favorite teams the Minnesota Twins and the Cincinnati Reds. He also has a wealth of Minnesota Vikings memorabilia in his apartment.

Tobin works part-time in food prep at Mitchell's Pizza Ranch and is a member of the Mitchell Lions Club.