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Cattle operation move approved

Davison County Commissioners approved the relocation of a cattle operation in Rome Township Tuesday.

The operation, owned by Rob Maeschen, will be relocated to a new site nearby and expanded from 450 head of cattle to 600. The feedlot project has had little objection to the proposed project.

Planning and zoning administrator Jeff Bathke said the project has been well planned, including receiving approval from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources before approaching the county.

During last week’s county meeting, the commission approved a water line to cross County Road 41 from Section 18 to Section 19 in Rome Township. Bathke said the line would not have an effect on the nearby aquifer.

Because the increase in cattle will go over the county’s 500-animal unit threshold, a conditional use permit was needed for the project. The permit was approved at the monthly planning and zoning meeting last week by a 5-0 vote.

The commissioners also approved public road setback of 250 feet on the property. Maeschen said that’s so he doesn’t have his cattle operation in the middle of his field, using up farmland unnecessarily.

Also approved by the panel was a variance for Steven Endres in Prosper Township of 40 feet for a side yard instead of the standard 50 feet, and a conditional use permit was granted for an auto sales business for Larice Hamilton at the corner of State Highway 37 and 265th Street.

He said the conditional use permit was needed after the county received a complaint on the matter.