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GLAD YOU ASKED: Old Glory at Lakeview Golf Course

Q: As a veteran and a member of the Lakeview Golf Course, I noticed there are two flag poles at the course but not an American flag flown. There are other veterans who golf at the city-owned course, too. So why isn't there a flag out there?

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A: The following email response comes from the city of Mitchell's golf and cemetery director, Kevin Thurman.

"To ensure that flags are properly maintained, they are taken down for the winter months when the clubhouse is closed.

"Intentions were to install a new and taller flagpole in front of the clubhouse to better display the flag. However, the situation was immediately remedied and Old Glory is now flying proudly. We will still move positively ahead and install a better pole in the near future. One flag pole, in an area not lighted, was donated in loving memory of a member for flying an organizational flag and not necessarily intended to display a U.S. flag. At some date in the future, when that area has electricity, and the pole and flag can be illuminated, we may add the second U.S. flag."