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City administrator position draws 40 applicants

A total of 40 people have applied to be the city of Mitchell's first-ever city administrator, according to Billie Kelly, the city's human resources director.

The deadline to apply for the newly created position was Monday, and now the applications will go through a reading process before being turned over to Mayor Ken Tracy, who will actually do the hiring, Kelly said.

"We thought we would have a good response," Kelly said. "We're very happy with the number we got."

In December, the City Council approved adding a city administrator to the city's government. The person hired to fill the position will oversee the city's department heads on a day-to-day basis and essentially act as an aide to the mayor.

Tracy said there is no definite timeline for the hiring process, but he plans to review and rate the applications next week and then begin setting up interviews with candidates.

"It looked like there were quite a number of them that had excellent qualifications," Tracy said.

While Tracy said he would like to fill the position in a timely manner, he also said it will take some time to go through the hiring process.

"I'm thinking that if we have somebody on board in two months, that might be realistic," he said.