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Contract error could cost Davison County $7,500

A contract between Davison County and a Sioux Falls-based law enforcement software company neglected to cover the whole cost of transferring the county's jail files, potentially costing the county $7,500.

Sheriff Steve Brink told the Davison County Commission on Tuesday at the courthouse that an oversight in the contract between the county and Zuercher Technologies left out a portion of the jail records that need to be transferred. He said the county has to have the records maintained and will have to foot the bill.

"I can't say why that got overlooked," Brink said. "We thought we had everything and I don't believe it was intentional on their part."

The county and the city of Mitchell are sharing part of the cost of the new law enforcement software, which is a total of $163,000. Brink said he's trying to get the company to share some of the $7,500 in unanticipated costs.

"They're a pretty good company to work with and I'm hoping we can at least split the costs with them," he said.

The file transfer is about one-third completed and the county has recorded more than 62,000 files in the last 25 years, according to Davison County Jail Administrator Don Radel.

Jail shower plan remains unsolved

Davison County's longstanding hope to upgrade the county jail's shower facilities remains at a crossroads, as the county wrestles with costs of the project while still meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Radel entertained price quotes after meeting with the commission in November 2013 and only received one quote for designing the shower facilities. That was going to be $32,500 to draw plans and for related costs, and would not include any of the materials or actual construction costs.

Radel said the project is something that needs to be done and the county has had the project in its plans for the last three years.

"If we were a commercial business, we would have been shut down a long time ago with the way our showers are." Radel said. "Thankfully, we're not inspected that way."

The jail has 10 showers, a number based on the minimum population that would be in the jail. The showers do not have doors and are separated by curtains.

Another firm that Radel had previously talked to from New York could do the installation for eight showers for $32,000, but that would not include design costs or demolition costs.

The county will examine potential costs more before making a final decision.

Other business

In other county business, the commission:

• Heard a presentation from Gail Hahne, president of Purr and Ruff Rescue, a group that rescues animals from outside of Mitchell city limits in Davison and surrounding counties; she is requesting $600 per quarter to help cover the group's vet care bills and $250 per quarter for food and supplies for the animals. The commission took no action, asking Hahne to return once she has the group's approval as a recognized nonprofit corporation, which was applied for in January.

• Recognized a veterans open house that will be April 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Mitchell Technical Institute.

• Approved combining some precincts for the June primary election down to nine precincts, as a way to save money on voting workers and reducing voting wait times.

• Approved the purchase of an automated external defibrillator or AED for the North Annex location at a cost of $1,209 and discussed a second AED at the courthouse and jail buildings.

• Approved the hiring of two weed department employees, including Jeremy Becker as an assistant spray applicator at $13 an hour and Lennis Laffey as a water truck driver at $9.50 an hour.