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Mitchell City Council members begin election process

One member of the Mitchell City Council has filed a petition to run for re-election, while two others are circulating their own petitions.

Ward 4 Councilwoman Susan Tjarks has already filed her petitions to get on the ballot for the June 3 election, and Ward 1 Councilman Steve Rice and Ward 2 Councilman Dave Tronnes have each picked up the paperwork needed to circulate their petitions, according to Mitchell Finance Officer Marilyn Wilson.

Ward 3 Councilman Phil Carlson, the only other council member whose seat will be up for election, has not picked up his petition.

Carlson said in an interview Tuesday that he will make his intentions known at the next council meeting, which is scheduled for Monday. If he doesn't run, or loses a bid for re-election, his term will end in July.

Mitchell has an eight-member council, with each ward having two council members. Council members serve three-year terms.

Candidates need to collect 50 signatures from registered voters residing in their ward in order to be put on the ballot.

No one else has picked up petitions to challenge for any of the council seats up for election, but Wilson said it is possible to acquire the documents online.

"There could be others circulating that we're not aware of," Wilson said.

Without opposition, council members are automatically elected and their names do not appear on the ballot.

The deadline to file petitions for the June 3 election is at 5 p.m. March 25.

There are no other positions in the city's government up for election, but voters will decide the fate of an ordinance that would allow the sale of wine on downtown sidewalks.

The voter-registration deadline for the June 3 election is May 19.