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Woman sues Mitchell doctor

A Mitchell woman is suing a local doctor for malpractice.

The lawsuit says Kimberly Young, of 309 E. 11th Ave., Mitchell, visited Dr. Ronald Anderson May 13, 2011. Anderson found a small blood clot from endometriosis -- a condition in which cells from the uterus lining appear and grow outside the uterus.

On May 14, 2011, Anderson surgically removed the endometriosis.

Young claims she immediately suffered significant pain after surgery, but Anderson claims assured her everything was fine.

A few days afterward, Young's family doctor, Joseph Olegario, recommended she follow up with a gynecologist.

The next day, following further complications, Young went to an emergency room in Sioux Falls.

Dr. Scott L. Baker, of Surgical Institute of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, found a tissue tear.

Since the May 2011 surgery, Young's lawsuit says, she has had four surgeries to address the tear, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Young claims she continues to experience pain and suffering, incur related medical expenses, wage loss and financial hardship as a result of Anderson's alleged negligence. She also claims she suffered potential permanent impairment and disability, loss of enjoyment of life and emotional distress.

Young is asking for a jury trial, compensatory, general and special damages to be determined by a jury, for her costs and fees associated with the case, for prejudgment and post-judgment interest, and for such other relief the court deems proper, including recoverable costs relating to the lawsuit.

Anderson filed an answer to the lawsuit, denying all the claims of negligence and breach of the standard of care.

He admitted he saw Young as a client in 2013 for pain and diagnosed it as endometriosis and that he surgically removed it.

Anderson requested Young's complaint be dismissed with prejudice and that he recover his costs. He also demanded a jury trial.