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GLAD YOU ASKED: Can Subway build a new building?

The future location of Subway at 802 N. Sanborn Blvd., north of the Salvation Army in Mitchell. (Sean Ryan/The Daily Republic)

Q. Did Subway ever get approved to build a new building on Sanborn? If so, when will it be built and when will it open?

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A. The Mitchell City Council approved a variance request Monday night made by Ken and Mary Giblin, the owners of the Subway at 501 S. Sanborn Blvd., who plan to move the restaurant to a new location at 802 N. Sanborn Blvd.

Construction of the new building will likely begin in late March or early April, after the plans are finalized and the weather improves, according to Mark White, project manager at Mueller Lumber. The new building is expected to be built by August and is planned to be twice the size of the existing building.

The variance will allow the Subway to sit slightly closer to the street than normally allowed, White said, which will allow more space for drive-through traffic on the property. The new Subway’s drive-through will feature a touch-screen system, only the third of its kind in South Dakota, according to White.

“You don’t actually talk to anyone until you pick up your sandwich,” he said.

The new Subway will open shortly after construction is completed, but the specific date is not yet known, White said.

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