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‘Snow’ denying it — winter is on its way

With winter rapidly approaching, the city of Mitchell wants to remind residents of its snow removal policy.

Whenever the city receives 2 or more inches of snow, vehicles must be removed from the snow emergency routes. These are marked by snow emergency route signs. Vehicles not removed by their owners will be ticketed and towed from those signed areas. Plowing will be continuous until the snow stops and these streets are cleared curb to curb.

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As soon as conditions permit, plowing will commence on eastwest streets. Vehicles must be removed or, they too, will be ticketed and towed. Once the east-west streets have been plowed curb to curb, vehicles can again park on it.

As soon as all east-west streets have been plowed, vehicles must be moved from north-south streets for plowing. Ticketing will begin on north-south streets 12 hours after plowing is completed on east-west streets.

Snow removal in the downtown area (District A) is done at 11 p.m. When the decision has been made by the police or street departments, the public will be notified through the local news media and signs will be posted downtown. Vehicles parked in District A will be ticketed and towed after 11 p.m.

If residents have any questions concerning snow removal, they can contact the Mitchell Police Division at 995-8400.

Whenever a snow emergency exists, residents should listen to the local radio stations for current information concerning snow removal.

Sidewalk snow removal policy

8-1-7: Snow and Ice Removal:

• Responsibility For Removal: The occupant or owner of any premises in the city adjacent to any sidewalk shall, within fifteen (15) hours after the fall of snow or the formation of ice on the sidewalk, remove the snow and ice from so much of the sidewalk as adjoins the premises. (1984 Code § 34-15)

The City enforces this ordinance and each year many residents are surprised when they get a bill for cleaning snow. When a sidewalk is not cleared of snow, the City will clear the snow either with its own forces or an independent contractor. Homeowners will also be responsible for sidewalk outlets to the street.

The charge for this is a minimum of $75 for 50 foot lots and $1 per foot over 50 feet. This charge will be assessed to the property if not paid; therefore the property owner is responsible for any arrangements made with renters or tenants.

• 7-6-5: Prohibited Actions and Conditions:

B. Placing Snow From Private Property Onto Public Ways: No person shall remove snow from private property and place the same upon the streets, public ways or sidewalks; except, that it shall be lawful for persons to remove the snow which shall naturally fall upon the sidewalks and place the same upon the streets and ways of the city. (Ord. 1518, 12-16-1985)

Residents with questions concerning sidewalk snow removal can contact the Mitchell Department of Public Works at 995-8433.

— Source: City of Mitchell Street Department