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Putnam to bring board’s thoughts to state meeting

Mitchell Board of Education member Neil Putnam will be taking into consideration his fellow board members’ opinions while discussing the Associated School Boards of South Dakota standing positions.

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Tonight, the Board of Education holds its regularly scheduled 5 p.m. meeting at the Mitchell Senior High library.

Putnam, elected as Mitchell’s delegate to the Delegate Assembly for the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, will have Mitchell School District’s vote at the Nov. 22 meeting in Pierre. But he wants to get a feel for how the other school board members think on certain topics.

During the delegate assembly, representatives from each district will discuss and vote on what legislation is positive and what is negative for schools. They discuss several school-related topics such as student achievement, standards, health and wellness, equity and finances among many others.

“He’s asking the board for any input they have on standing resolutions or Legislature proposals,” Mitchell Superintendent Joe Graves said. “The board may or may not choose to discuss each item. They probably won’t discuss each one of them, but they’ll probably go over each one they think is most relevant.”

Putnam has served on the Mitchell Board of Education for 13 years and has been the district’s delegate for the Delegate Assembly for the Associated School Boards of South Dakota for multiple years. He was also on the Associated School Boards of South Dakota in 2011.

“I will be asking for any input if there’s something we’re opposed to or they’re maybe OK with but they recommend an amendment,” Putnam said of Monday night’s discussion.

He added, “This is a way each district gets their opinion in,” about November’s meeting.

Personnel items

The board will consider a consent agenda with the following personnel items:

• New hires (MTI): Jamie Bernard; Bethanie Boger; Pamela Brewer; Teri Chapman; Kim Cypher; Patricia Davenport; Donna DeNure; Sandra Frandsen; Kimberly Hargens; Kandice Hoffman; Donnell Houx; Tara Johnson; Dorothy Larson; Candice Lee; Laura Scholten; Nita Schumacher; Marsha Smoker; and Penny Walker; all getting hired as a speed/language pathology assistant mentor for the fall 2013 semester with a compensation of $500.

• New hire: (extra-curricular): Anna Bartscher, assistant show choir pit director; $1,898.

• Resignations: Nathan DeGeese, seventh-grade social students/language arts, sophomore boys’ basketball coach; Brenda Lange, food service; Erin Olson, sophomore girls basketball coach; Peggy Sourile, SH library assistant.

• Transfers: Erin Olson, from sophomore girls’ basketball coach to sophomore boys’ basketball coach; Carolyn Sivik, from Longfellow library assistant to SH assistant; Ryan Stahle to SH show choir pit director.

• New hires (Classified): Nicole Beukelman, library assistant, 7.5 hours daily at $10.50 an hour; Carrie Grosz, food service/cook, 7.5 hours daily at $10.25 an hour; David Grosz, maintenance, eight hours daily at $12.50 an hour; Dianne Mack, food service/cook, 5.5 hours daily at $9.99 an hour.

The regular agenda also includes the board to:

• Recognize Mitchell art students who won first-place awards in the AA division at the South Dakota State Fair.

• Approve MTI supplemental budgets.

• Hear board member reports.

• Hear the superintendent’s report.

• Tour of Mitchell Senior High.