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GLAD YOU ASKED: MHS football crowds

Q. The crowds at the home football games so far this year for Mitchell High School have been very large. Twice I came late to the games, both versus Harrisburg and versus Spearfish, and had to park several blocks away and had to wait in line for tickets. Is there a quicker way to get into the stadium?

A. Geoff Gross, MHS activities director, provided the following response by email.

“We have been blessed with large crowds at this year’s home games at Joe Quintal Field. I agree that we have had lines of people to get in the front doors and people have had to park several blocks away. Here are some suggestions to get you closer to the stadium and through the ticket line faster:

“1. Gates at the stadium open at 5:30 p.m. for a 7 p.m. game. Come early and have supper from the concession stand.

“2. I would recommend parking in the MCTEA Building’s parking lot (the old MTI north building) directly south of Joe Quintal Field. There are over 400 parking spots there.

“3. When parking in the MCTEA parking lot, I suggest using the southwest entrance to the stadium; there is a ticket taker there beginning at 5:30 p.m., and there is never a line. (DWU does not use this

gate for their games, but MHS does.)

“4. The main stadium at JQF holds approximately 1,800 people. We have had crowds that I would estimate at about 2,500 for our first couple of home games. We have over 1,000 seats available on the visitors’ bleachers. Simply take the sidewalk around the east end of the field to get there or enter the facility at the southwest gate. There are no facilities over there other than a port-a-potty.”

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