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Late-August heat sets local record

Last week was the second-hottest Aug. 25-31 period in Mitchell's recorded history.

According to the National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls, Mitchell's mean temperature -- the average between the maximum and minimum -- was 82.7 degrees last week.

The city's hottest Aug. 25-31 period occurred in 1953, hitting a mean temperature of 83.1 degrees. Last week passed 1991's average temperature -- 81.9 degrees -- between the same seven days at the end of August.

Mitchell's highest air temperature last week was 96 degrees on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Amy Bettwy, an NWS meteorologist, said Mitchell's heat index high last week was 110, which came at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Mitchell also set a record on Monday of last week: 77 degrees, the new highest minimum temperature for Aug. 26, breaking the old record set in 1953 by two degrees. But it wasn't an all-time record for highest-ever minimum temperature in the city. The record high minimum temperature for a day in Mitchell, according to the NWS, is 82 degrees set Aug. 2, 1964. The second-highest minimum temperature for a Mitchell day is 80 degrees, set on Aug. 3 and 4, 1955. The third highest minimum temperature is 78 degrees, set on various days in the first half of August in 2011, 1983, 1935 and 1938.