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Glad You Asked

Sean Ryan/The Daily Republic

Q. How is that the weed-choked city property along Dry Run Creek isn't a nuisance?

A. This written response comes from Dusty Rodiek, the city of Mitchell's director of parks, recreation and forestry.

"The 'weed choked property' along the Dry Run Creek waterway is designated as a wetland/riparian area and carries a large volume of the city's storm water drainage during heavy rain events and needs to be protected. The best and most cost effective way to provide that protection is with natural vegetation.

"The benefits of the vegetation along the watercourse include stream bank stabilization and erosion control during flood events, and biofiltration of chemicals found in the runoff from the watershed. The area also provides a corridor for wildlife. The primary plant species in the area are Reed Canary Grass, willows and cattails, which are all wetland indicator species.

"Once a year the area is mowed with specialized equipment in order to encourage the growth of this beneficial vegetation while providing control of unwanted plant species."