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Two businesses fail alcohol checks

Two businesses failed a recent alcohol compliance check in Davison County.

Westy's One-Stop in Mount Vernon failed the check Friday when a clerk asked to see a confidential informant's identification, but still made the sale of alcohol. This was the business' second failure within a 24-month period.

Wild Oak Country Club in Mitchell failed the check when a clerk did not ask to see a confidential informant's identification and sold that person alcohol. This is the country club's first failure in a 24-month period.

Seven other businesses were checked and passed: Chubby's Bar, Agland Co-op, Mike's Corner, Cook's Inn and American Legion No. 261, all in Ethan; Wermers' Lounge in Mount Vernon; and the Kongo Klub in Mitchell.

On a first offense, if a business that sells alcohol to a minor has passed a certified alcohol management class, the state can fine that business $500.

On a second offense within 24 months, the business is fined $1,000. If the seller has not passed the class, the fines are doubled.

For a third offense in a 24-month period, the South Dakota Department of Revenue can suspend the business' liquor license for up to 14 days.

The South Central Alcohol Task Force is comprised of the Mitchell Police Division and sheriff's offices in Aurora, Davison and Miner counties.