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GLAD YOU ASKED: Concrete posts removed for safety reasons

Q. Why were concrete posts being poured near the east side of North Sanborn Boulevard a few weeks ago, and why have they now been removed?

A. According to Mitchell Deputy Director of Public Works Terry Johnson, six concrete posts were originally poured as footings for new street lights, but were removed last week because of safety concerns.

Northwestern Energy was asked to remove the concrete posts because the city was concerned the posts were set too high and were located too close to the curb, Johnson said.

"If someone had hit them, it would have been a bad deal," he said.

The city assisted Northwestern Energy by helping remove the concrete posts.

"It didn't cost us a whole lot because we used our own manpower," Johnson said.

Northwestern Energy plans to install new concrete posts set lower and farther away from the curb, and then install new poles for street lights on North Sanborn Boulevard, according to Johnson.

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