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No school in Mitchell for third straight day

The Mitchell School District will remain closed for a third straight day today.

Superintendent Joe Graves made the decision this morning to call off school after still more snow fell overnight from a spring storm that began Tuesday.

Graves had announced Wednesday night that school would start two hours late today, but he also said he could decide to call off school if conditions worsened overnight. He made that decision at about 4:30 a.m.

Graves said the decision includes not only all public pre-K through 12 schools in Mitchell, but also John Paul II Elementary and Mitchell Technical Institute.

Today's closure also means the school calendar will be extended to May 28 from the originally planned May 22 last day of school. The first two snow days this week extended the school year to May 24, a Friday. May 27 is the Memorial Day holiday, so today's snow day will add a day to the calendar on May 28, a Tuesday.