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Fischer will not vote on proposed hog operation

Jerry Fischer

Davison County Commissioner Jerry Fischer said Friday he will not vote on Jackrabbit Family Farms' application for a conditional use permit when the application comes before the county Board of Adjustment Tuesday.

Fischer's decision means it will take a 4-0 vote by the remaining commissioners to approve the conditional use permit.

Fischer was out of town on family business on April 17 when the board first considered the application for a permit that would allow a 5,400-sow hog operation in Baker Township in southwest Davison County that would be managed by the Pipestone System.

Commissioners at that meeting heard hours of testimony, but postponed a final decision after expressing a need for more information on how the hog farm would impact water resources.

On April 24, the Davison County State's Attorney Pat Smith and his deputy, Jim Taylor, informed Fischer that he could vote -- or not -- after reviewing records of the hearing he missed. The final choice on whether to vote, or not, would be Fischer's, they said.

Fischer said he reviewed the minutes of the meeting, but only had access to a partial recording and decided he did not have sufficient information to make an informed decision.

"There's too much vagueness. I just wouldn't feel comfortable voting without being at the meeting and hearing everybody verbatim," he said.

"That's going to be my stand," Fischer said. "I'm not going to vote on the issue."