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There were discrepancies in a recent series of stories supplied to The Daily Republic through an agreement with the Aberdeen American News and referencing the South Dakota Telecommunications political action committee. The following correction, supplied by the American News, addresses those discrepancies.

The PAC's pre-general election report on the South Dakota secretary of state website shows campaign donation amounts that are twice as much as what four candidates and one committee said were received. The individual pre-general election reports show Billie Sutton, of Burke, received $125; Bill Van Gerpen, of Tyndall, $125; Scott Parsley, of Madison, $100; Mike Stevens, of Yankton, $100; and the Senate Republican campaign committee $1,550. Each of those amounts is listed as double in the PAC's pre-election report. They were the only five recipients listed by the PAC in its pre-general report.

Also, Scott Swier, the chairman and treasurer of the PAC, said he filed the organization statement for the PAC in 2011. Swier this week produced a paper copy of the organization statement bearing a fax time-date stamp for Dec. 16, 2011. The secretary of state website, the source for the information in the stories, shows a 2012 filing date for the statement of organization.