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Man accused of burglary for cutting lock off storage unit

A Mitchell man is accused of third-degree burglary for cutting a lock off a storage unit in Mitchell.

John Ridgeway, 51, was arrested in mid-August for the crime, which carries a maximum penalty upon conviction of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

On Aug. 17, a Mitchell police officer saw Ridgeway near the storage unit on East Juniper. Ridgeway said he has a storage unit there and went to get dog food for his dogs from his own unit. He denied being at any other storage units, according to court documents.

The officer found a lock cut off one storage unit and found bolt cutters inside the unit.

Ridgeway later admitted he used the bolt cutters, which were his own, to cut off the lock because he thought a car was inside the unit that he wanted to look at. He denied taking anything from the storage unit.