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Sioux Falls police arrest man involved in standoff Monday

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A Sioux Falls man involved in a standoff with police for three hours Monday night has been arrested.

KELO-TV reports Colin Tibbetts, 31, has been charged with abuse to a minor, aggravated assault on law enforcement and resisting arrest. Police arrested Tibbets early Wednesday at the Fryn' Pan restaurant where he works.

Tibbetts allegedly threatened police with a knife and tried stacking boxes in front of the door of a break room. The officers were able to open the door enough to subdue Tibbets with pepper spray.

Police and SWAT officers went to his house Monday night after Tibbett's wife said he had a knife and that he had kicked his 8-year-old daughter. Officers waited for three hours outside until they determined he was alone, deciding to arrest him later.