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Kimball man gets four years in prison for drug conviction

CHAMBERLAIN -- A Kimball man was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison on a manufacturing, distributing or possessing drugs conviction, according to court documents.

John Laubach, 43, was charged with manufacturing, distribution or possession of drugs, methamphetamine, in August 2013 and pleaded guilty to the charge in April.

Laubach was arrested in August and pleaded guilty to the charge in April. He was arrested after business owners in Chamberlain and Kimball reported someone had passed counterfeit money. Law enforcement found Laubach and his co-defendants, Zane Goodbeau and Chaz Stewart, were printing counterfeit bills in a camper owned by Laubach outside the Regency Inn & Suites in Kimball. Law enforcement also found drugs in their possession, including methamphetamine and marijuana.

Laubach was also sentenced in April for a federal counterfeiting conviction, for which he received nine months in prison.

His state sentence for the drug conviction will run concurrent, or at the same time, as the federal conviction. Judge Bruce Anderson sentenced Laubach to 10 years in prison, but suspended six of those years.