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Mitchell man accused of third-offense DUI

A Mitchell man is accused of driving under the influence for a third time.

Arlington Milk, 49, was arrested April 8 after Mitchell Police Officer Jackson Brown pulled him over at 11:20 a.m.

According to court documents, Brown knew Milk had a suspended driver's license, which dispatch confirmed, so he pulled Milk over.

Milk smelled of alcohol and his speech was thick. Milk admitted to Brown that he consumed "a lot of alcoholic beverages," according to court documents.

Milk told Brown he could not perform the walk and turn or one-leg stand tests due to trouble with his left knee. So Brown performed the eye gaze test and determined Milk was too intoxicated to drive. When he was booked at Davison County Jail, Milk blew a 0.165 BAC. The legal driving limit in South Dakota is 0.08.

The third-offense drunken driving charge carries a maximum penalty upon conviction of two years in prison and a $4,000 fine.