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Dead child’s mother in prison for aggravated assault

CHAMBERLAIN — The mother of Mason Naser was not present for the trial that convicted Donika Gonzales of manslaughter and aggravated assault because she is in prison.

Angelina Walters, 29, Mason Naser’s mother, is in the South Dakota State Women’s Prison for an aggravated assault conviction in 2009 against another child. Walters was originally accused of two counts of first-degree rape of Tyler Naser Sr.’s child. Walters is not that child’s mother.

However, those charges were dropped and pursuant to a plea agreement, she pleaded guilty and was convicted of one count of aggravated assault.

Walters was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but six of those years were suspended.

According to court documents, Walters admitted to picking up the 3-year-old child by the arms and repeatedly slammed the child’s bottom on a table, which caused lacerations to the child’s private areas.

Malissa Walters, sister to Angelina Walters, attended the Gonzales trial. She commented on her sister’s incarceration and feelings about the trial.

“My sister admitted to her guilt and is paying for what she did and she knows that,” Malissa Walters said.

She said Angelina Walters has been “stressed out and emotional” throughout the trial.