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Sheriff's office looking into Stickney break-in

STICKNEY -- The Aurora County Sheriff's Office is investigating a break-in that occurred either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning at Stickney Lanes, a bowling alley in Stickney.

According to Deputy Roman Briggs, the person, or persons, involved gained access to the building, located at 316 Main St., by prying open the front door with some type of tool. Nothing appears to have been stolen, Briggs said, but a motion alarm was set off.

"They got in the door and the alarm went off, and I think that's where it ended," Briggs said.

There were apparently no witnesses to the incident and Stickney Lanes does not have any security cameras, Briggs said.

The front door that was pried open will need to be replaced, but there doesn't appear to be any other damage done as a result of the break-in, Briggs said.