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Student, 15, caught with drugs at Mitchell High School

A 15-year-old male student was caught with drug residue and drug paraphernalia Monday evening at Mitchell High School.

Lt. Detective Don Everson, of the Mitchell Police Division, said at approximately 4 p.m., a report was received of a student who had drugs.

“This person was scaring other students with a lighter and the school district confronted that student,” said Everson, who did not release the student’s name because the student is a minor.

Superintendent Joe Graves said the event happened while parent-teacher conferences were occurring at the school.

Graves declined to divulge specifics about punishment the student will receive, but said “typically, in these cases, the student does not return to the school.”

Everson said Officer Nick Jongeling handled the event and anticipated the student will be petitioned into juvenile court.