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Trial begins in Plankinton gun incident

PLANKINTON — A trial began Monday with jury selection for a Plankinton man accused of aggravated assault.

Cory Cumings, 34, was accused in June of discharging two firearms to intimidate Allen Raecke, also of Plankinton.

A sheriff’s report states that on June 9, Raecke saw two brown and spotted hunting dogs on his rural Plankinton property. He had seen wild dogs running around before, so he took his shotgun with him outside.

Cumings was allegedly sitting on the road on his 4-wheeler. Raecke said he told Cumings to get the dogs off his property and Cumings said, “Man, you’re crazy. I’ve got guns, too. I’ll be back.”

According to the sheriff’s report, Raecke went back into his home. A short time later, he said Cumings came back to Raecke’s residence where Cumings fired a shotgun into the air.

Raecke told the sheriff’s department Cumings said, “You’re crazy. I’m going to shoot you, your cattle and your place for anyone that shoots my dogs.”

He also said Cumings had a pistol, which he shot into the ditch in front of Raecke’s home.

Cumings pleaded not guilty to the charge in September. The charge upon conviction carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

The trial is scheduled to run through today.