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Circuit court

The following cases were among those heard Tuesday during a circuit court session at the Davison County Public Safety Center in Mitchell.

• Kendra Dale Smith, 33, Mitchell, denied probation violation for possession of controlled substance, released on personal recognizance bond, must submit to random urinalysis and fully comply with treatment needs assessment.

• Corey Jay Arcoren, 32, Mitchell, pleaded not guilty to domestic aggravated assault, released on personal recognizance bond, must enroll in 24/7 Sobriety program, have no contact with the victim, maintain employment, appear at all future hearings and maintain contact with his attorney.

• Sarah Lynn Gullings, 27, Mitchell, failed to appear for her court hearing, a bench warrant was issued, when she’s arrested Gullings will be held with no bond.

• Teanna Lynn Dion, 27, Fort Thompson, admitted to a probation violation by missing scheduled appointments with her court services officer; released on continued probation, must make all scheduled appointments with court services officer, judge ordered updated recommendation from court services, resentencing set for January.

• Mark Anthony Jordan, 22, Mitchell, pleaded guilty to thirdoffense driving under the influence and admitted to two previous DUIs; judge ordered presentence investigation, scheduled sentencing for January.

• Shane William Mincey, 42, Mount Vernon, pleaded guilty to sex offender registry violation for not registering a Facebook and email account with the local law enforcement agency; judge ordered a presentence investigation, scheduled sentencing for January.

• Dixie Jean Maddox, 39, Lennox, accused of violating her probation, was granted a personal recognizance bond; must submit to weekly urinalyses, pay costs for urinalyses, report to court services officer in Sioux Falls; submit to updated chemical evaluation and follow all recommendations; make all court appearances and keep in contact with attorney.

• Tina Marie Whitmore, 35, Mitchell, sentenced to four years in prison for failure to appear and two years in prison for probation violation; the sentences are to run concurrently (at the same time); 209 days’ credit for time served; $104 court costs; $23.60 prosecution costs; first parole eligibility in August; enroll in methamphetamine treatment program in prison.

• Jamie Bowen, 34, Mitchell, sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term for possession of a controlled substance; serve 90 days in jail with 35 days credit for time served; serve 30 days in July 2014, 25 days in December 2015; $104 court costs; $54 prosecution costs; three years of probation; enroll in and comply with 24/7 Sobriety program; no alcohol, drugs or gambling; schedule appointment with vocational rehabilitation for any retraining or educational opportunities and use best efforts to pursue those; update/maintain employment.

• Jennifer Glynn, 36, Elkton, Ky., granted suspended imposition of sentence for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine); if she complies with all terms of probation she can wipe the felony from her record; 90 days in jail, 45 days immediately, 45 days January 2015, credit for five days served; $750 fine; $104 court costs; $108 prosecution costs; two years of probation; pay costs of testing; no alcohol, drugs or gambling; enroll in and complete any evaluation; immediately seek admission to the Veterans Administration chemical dependency and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder program, and follow all recommendations and aftercare; and pay a $50 fee for interstate compact when making arrangements for treatment in Kentucky.

• Justin Paul Fleury, 30, Mitchell, sentenced to five-year suspended prison sentence for fourth-offense DUI; serve 180 days in jail starting 45 days immediately with credit for three days served, 45 days each in November 2014, 2015 and 2016; $500 fine; $104 court costs; $161 prosecution costs; seven years of probation; repay court-appointed attorney fees; enroll in and comply with the 24/7 Sobriety program through January 2016; no alcohol, drugs or gambling; enroll in anger management counseling.

• Buck Louis James, 18, Mitchell, bond was revoked for not cooperating with a presentence investigation in a grand theft charge; judge remanded him to custody of the sheriff until further order of the court and scheduled sentencing for later this month.