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Jail time given for cocaine conviction

A Mitchell man was sentenced Tuesday to a suspended three-year prison term for possession of cocaine.

Michael Boyd, 23, said he had cocaine in his possession April 25 in Mitchell.

Judge Tim Bjorkman ordered that instead of the prison term, Boyd serve 90 days in jail starting with 30 days immediately, 30 days in October 2014 and 30 days in October 2015.

Boyd must also pay a $500 fine, $104 in court costs, $71.09 in prosecution costs, repay court-appointed attorney fees and spend three years on probation. He must also enroll in the 24/7 Sobriety program and not consume or be around alcohol or drugs. He must also must obtain a treatment needs

assessment and have no contact with Joshua Tipton, Brianna Sonnenburg or Travene Myers.

Bjorkman authorized work release for up to five days a week.

Should Boyd fail to meet the conditions of the sentence, the prison term could be imposed.