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Mitchell man charged with assaulting girlfriend

A Mitchell man is accused of aggravated assault for allegedly choking and hitting his girlfriend.

According to court documents, Kenneth Miller, 23, and some friends were drinking at Miller’s and his girlfriend’s residence Sunday. They were being loud and Miller’s girlfriend told them to leave, the documents say, and Miller and his girlfriend began to argue.

Miller allegedly threw his girlfriend on the bed, and she hit her head on the bedroom door. They began to argue again after she got up and Miller allegedly grabbed her around the neck with both hands and caused her to become lightheaded. She got loose and kicked Miller in the groin, court documents say, but he punched her in the arms and chest with a closed fist and strangled her again.

Miller also allegedly pulled her hair several times and pulled some from her head.

She got away and called 911, after which Miller fled the scene.

When law enforcement found Miller the next day at his work, Miller said the couple had a fight and wrestled a little, court documents say. He said he didn’t remember much about the fight and couldn’t explain the injuries suffered by his girlfriend.

He was arrested for aggravated assault, which carries a maximum punishment upon conviction of 15 years in prison, a $30,000 fine or both.