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Sioux Falls work-release inmate gets more jail time for prostitute incident

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A Sioux Falls man with a history of soliciting sex has been given more jail time after authorities say he invited a prostitute to his house while out of jail on work release.

Robert Corsini, 52, was caught in two separate online sex stings last fall. He was serving a seven-day jail term and was out on work release when authorities say he went online to find a prostitute.

"It was extremely aggravated by the fact that the defendant was serving a sentence for soliciting commercial sex and engaged in the exact conduct that was supposed to be prohibited by his jail sentence," Minnehaha County State's Attorney Aaron McGowan said in court Tuesday.

Corsini said he invited the woman to his home but that he told her to leave when she asked for money.

"It took me by surprise," he said.

"There's no doubt that Bob put himself in a difficult position," said Corsini's lawyer, David Palmer. "There's a big difference between being stupid and being criminal."

Judge John Schlimgen said he found Corsini's explanation "implausible" and sentenced him to another 90 days in jail — without the option of work release.