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Aberdeen man accused of soaking mints with LSD

ABERDEEN (AP) — Bond has been set at $5,000 for an Aberdeen man accused of putting a liquid form of the illegal hallucinogenic drug LSD on mints.

Steven Larson, 25, appeared in court on Monday on three drug-related felony charges but he did not enter pleas. He requested a public defender.

Authorities allege that Larson had enough liquid LSD to put drops on 1,500 mints. Police said they found 400 drops when searching Larson's home, meaning there could be LSD-soaked mints out in the community.

People should be wary of eating a mint if they don't know where it came from, said Brown County Deputy State's Attorney Chris White.

"If you're not the one purchasing the Altoids or they're not in the original packaging, proceed with caution because there was still approximately 1,000 drops that were distributed somewhere in Aberdeen," the prosecutor said.

Parent Tom Langum told KELO-TV that he is worried about children finding the mints.

"It's just like anything else on the ground — they're going to check it out, and some of the younger kids, yeah, they can definitely get themselves hurt," he said.

Police said they also found a drug in Larson's home that they believe is the animal tranquilizer Ketamine, which can have intoxicating effects when ingested by people, according to the American News.